Life Skills Kit

  • This kit contains a set of cards on 10 life skills recommended by WHO.
  • These cards are exercise based, interactive in nature and come with guidelines for use.
  • This kit also acts as an effective parenting tool to orient life skills from early years.
  • Children will get exposed to life skills at an early stage.
  • The simple interactive exercises given in a fun and interesting way will enhance the life skills of the child.
  • It also ensures parent child engagement further strengthening the parent child bond.
How to Use
  • Guide child by explaining the questions, encouraging to answer and generating conversation.
  • Use 1 card in a week.
Detailed guidelines for use are provided with each set of worksheets.


Hurray Kids is making an honest attempt to shape core of children through their programme.

Beautiful illustrations and age appropriate material makes it easy for parents and teachers to use it.

Keep it up.

Amy Woodmark

Sumita Jain, Founder and Principal

Tiny Tots, Mumbai

Hurray Kids is an extraordinary initiative which is a perfect solution for parents to teach life skills to their kids.
In today’s electronic world, as much as we would like our children to possess the basic life skills, we don’t have the tools and methodology to imbibe them proactively. The Hurray Kids cards interactively explain the reality of these skills to the child in a way they can easily understand.

Kelly Simpson

Kavita Jesrani Pandya

Chief Curator at Kart by Moms, Mumbai

Absolutely essential cards to develop skills which many of us forget to develop in today’s times! If we need to prepare our children for 2030 along with technology we need to make them empathetic, confident and mentally secure. These cards do exactly that in a very simple but effective way.

Penny Lawrence

Pooja Baid

Interior designer, Mumbai